Our tomato’s journey

Our tomato’s journey

From harvest to processing, with a short production chain that guarantees freshness, quality and food safety.

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Beyond tomatoes


The cereal of the future

Tritordeum is a new natural cereal, developed from the combination of durum wheat (Triticum Durum) and a wild barley (Hordeum Chilense), using traditional breeding techniques.

It has unique nutritional, agronomic and organoleptic properties.

It is the first “new” cereal adapted for human consumption that can be grown in Italy.

  • It is highly sustainable. At an agronomic level, it is a rustic crop highly resistant to pathogens. In addition, Tritordeum needs less water and fertilisers than wheat, so it is particularly suitable for those soils where other autumn and winter cereals would not guarantee a satisfactory yield;
  • It is cultivated n the north-west of the Po valley near milling centres;
  • It is easily digestible and has a lower gluten protein content than wheat;
  • It is highly suitable for the production of a wide range of functional innovative products;

  • In addition, it is much appreciated by the milling industry, because it can be used to prepare a large number of baked goods of the highest quality.

The commercialisation of Tritordeum flour and other Tritordeum-based products is managed by Corte di Rivalta.


  • Quality and traceability
  • Respect for the environment
  • Innovation
  • Health and flavour

Storage centre

Certified and strategic

Tomato Farm can store up to 20,000 tons of dry grain in silos and up to 5,000 tons in silo-bags. This centre, which is connected to the rail network, is owned by Gruppo Gavio and is located in Lungavilla(PV).

Tomato Farm can therefore provide certified storage for both traditional and organic produce and is dedicated entirely to production chain activities, such as:

  • Seed supply for crops, of the variety and species specified in the contracts stipulated with clients;
  • Production compliant with specifications and constantly monitored by technicians;
  • Stipulation of a cultivation contract stating clear price guarantees and general sale/purchase conditions;
  • Harvest collection with own vehicles;
  • Storage, pre-cleaning and stocking at the Lungavilla facility;
  • Quality checks with suitable equipment to classify the product with the utmost prevision, thus optimising both the chain and the producer.

This service provides growers with an important logistical support, guaranteeing a wide choice, the support of technicians and a guarantee that the produce will be sold.

For further information, please contact:
Matteo Maria Tacchini
Mobile: +39 335 360537
E-mail: m.tacchini@tomatofarmspa.it

Technical and agricultural support

An expert contact for a monitored chain

Through Agrodinamica, its subsidiary, Tomato Farm provides technical support to all producers, even those who only focus on one crop.

The crops currently dealt with are:

  • Tomatoes for Tomato Farm
  • Tritordeum for Corte di Rivalta, (milling at Molino Dallagiovanna)
  • High-quality durum and common wheat for leading Italian processing companies
  • Soy for food producers
  • Chickpeas, Peas and Broad beans - both traditional and organic - to be used plain or as flour

For further information, please contact:
Massimo Medicina
Mobile: +39 334 6783636
E-mail: medicina@agrodinamica.it

Davide Bottazzi
Mobile: +39 335 1410287
E-mail: d.bottazzi@tomatofarmspa.it

Matteo Maria Tacchini
Mobile: +39 335 360537
E-mail: m.tacchini@tomatofarmspa.it